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Screen Print

Screen Print, also called direct print, is a print technique approved for many different materials. The printing process consists of colour being pressed through a thin, frame-attached weave. The non-printed portions are covered by templates that prevent colour from reaching the print object. The template is a one-off cost. For screen printing, only one colour is printed at a time.

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Screen Print can be used for:

  • Dark textiles
  • Light textiles
  • Elastic textiles
  • Nylon

When choosing this printing technique, we can use:

  • Water based eco colour – 100% cotton. Mixtures of cotton/polyester.
  • Reflective Colour – Nylon/Polyester
  • Swell/Puff – Cotton. Mixtures of cotton, cotton/polyester.
  • Varnish – All materials. Can also be printed on other prints.
  • 4-Colour Images – 100% cotton, mixtures of cotton/polyester.
  • Gold/Silver – All materials.
  • Gold and Silver Foil – All materials.
  • Glitter – All materials.
  • High Density/Rubber Print – Cotton/nylon, nylon/polyester, cotton/polyester. Should not be used in large panels. Maximum width for details, 4 mm.
  • Fluorescent – 100% cotton. Mixtures of cotton/polyester.
  • Multicolour Images – All materials.

Important Upon Request

The following should be included apart from name, contact details, delivery address and invoice details upon print request:

  • What do you need printed? Please attach a file in EPS, PDF, or JPEG format.
  • Placement of the print on the clothing or product.
  • Size of the print
  • Number and kind of clothing.
  • Which PMS colours?

Contact us if you have any questions

If you have questions about your request or want to know more about what we can do, please let us know screen print.