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Equip your branded clothing with a lavish appearance using embroidery. It provides your logo or image with an exclusive feeling with great sustainability. We can embroider bags, jackets, towels, sweaters, pants, caps and hats, and much more.

Direct Embroidery

The most common embroidery is called direct embroidery. For this technique, the textile is attached to a frame that is mounted to a machine. The machine follows a programme (embroidery card) that tells the needle where to go. The embroidery card is a one-off cost, which makes it cheaper if you order the same motif a second time.

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Application Embroidery

For application embroidery, larger areas are filled using direct embroidery with stiches instead of fabrics. You can choose to leave the surface untouched, highlighting the garment’s own surface and colour. You can also choose to have pieces of cloth embroidered onto the application. If you replace large areas of stiches with fabrics, you get a lower total cost for the embroidery.

Embroidery Patches

Loose patches that are either embroidered or heated onto the fabric. We can do both weaved and embroidered patches. An embroidered patch is thicker and coarser, while weaved patches can have more details and are thinner than the embroidered patch.

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What is the cost for embroidery?

  • These factors decide what the cost is for the embroidery:
  • How many stitches the embroidery consists of, depending on size and level of completion.
  • What kind of clothing is being embroidered.
  • Number of items of clothing.

Important Upon Request

The following should be included apart from name, contact details, delivery address and invoice details upon your embroidery request:

  • What do you need printed? Please attach a file in EPS, PDF, or JPEG format.
  • Placement of the print on the clothing or product.
  • Size of the print
  • Number and kind of clothing.
  • Which PMS colours?

Contact us if you have any questions

If you have questions about your request or want to know more about what we can do, please let us know embroidery.