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We hope to inspire you with our portfolio. Take a look at examples of work we have done and the results from exciting collaborations. We are experienced within all kinds of printing techniques and embroidery on textiles such as t-shirts, jackets, shirts ,hoodies, bags, stickers and much more. Besides printing on textiles we are also experienced within other printing techniques. Feel free to contact us and see how we can help you with your printing needs. We enjoy figuring out solutions to new challenges.

Besides being an effective commercial product that raise build brand awareness, profile clothing also helps your employees feel more professional in their role and increases loyalty and a sense of unity within a team.

Professional clothes – professional bearers

First off, profile clothing not only enahnces the employees within your organisation but also comes with an increased sense of professionalism. Not only does profile clothing send signals to those who see people wearing them, they also affect the bearers. Karen Pine, professor of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire and fashion psychologist, believes that clothes carry symbolic meaning and that the individuals who wear specific garments take on the characteristics associated with that garment. For example, we feel we are faster when wearing an exercise outfit. This also affects how we feel at work. Wearing the same clothes when at work and when off-duty can send confusing signals to our minds and make us less focused overall. Also, if you change into clothing appropriate for your work, you also subconsciously change your attitude to a more professional and focused version of yourself. This also works the other way around. If you find it hard to let go of work when you are at home, try tricking your brain by leaving those thoughts together with your work outfit.

Dress like a team – work like a team

Within sports, there is a longstanding tradition of understanding the importance of looking like a team in order to feel like a team. When everyone in a group wears the same type of outfit or style, you become a more tight knit group of equals who strive towards the same goal. If a new player joins the team, they only need to put on the team jersey in order to look and feel like part of the team. The same mentality can be applied to organisations. Using printed profile clothing is a quick and easy way to help make your employees feel equal and part of the same team who work towards the same goal. Profile clothing also helps shape a sense of loyalty and fellowship among employees, and not only help the bearers work more cohesively but also feel professional pride.

Close teamwork leads to success

Victoria Seitz, professor of marketing at California State University, has studied how clothing affects employees. She believes that using uniform profile clothing helps make employees feel more intertwined with their business. Which ultimately leads to success as a united team with strong loyalty to its employers not only works more efficiently but is also healthier and happier. Psychologist Donna Dawson agrees. In addition to the fact that employees who wear united profile clothes at work feel more allied with their company, Dawson believes they also gain better self-esteem and have more fun at work. Both, however, point out the importance of the clothes having high quality, being practical and looking nice. Something you never need to worry about when ordering from Swagg. We only work with high quality garments and products that last for a long time and that look good. With our long experience, we can provide what you need to enhance your staff.

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